Cancer Gift Giving Guide

gifts for cancer patients including mastectomy pajamas and hospital gowns with snaps

KickIt Pajamas, gowns, capes, and supportive accessories make the most thoughtful gifts for cancer patients and make a great comfort gift for those going through surgery recovery, chemo and radiation. 

Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Going Through Cancer Treatment - Let our Quick Gift Guide Help You!

Hospital Pajamas with Snaps, Hospital Gowns with Snap Sleeves & Home Recovery Pajamas

This is a good choice for those who have a hospital or rehab center stay, or are recovering at home.  Our pajamas and hospital gowns with snaps are soft, stylish and ready for access by medical staff.  And you save your loved one from experiencing flimsy gowns and hospital butt (the embarrassing opening in the back of hospital gowns)!  Our Hospital Pajamas AND Home Recovery Pajamas have internal pockets to hold medical devices, such as drainage bulbs, so is a good choice for someone recovering from surgery at home or looking for mastectomy pajamas.


This is a good choice for those who have a hospital stay, will receive treatment in an infusion center, or are recovering at home. Our KickIt Cape keeps loved ones warm in chilly hospitals and infusion centers while providing easy access to IV, ports and PICC lines with our one button access. Also designed so your loved one does not have to raise her arms to put on and off the cape. Made with a heavier fabric, this cape is super stylish and warm. If ultimate warmth is what your loved one needs, pair these with our KickIt Socks for the ultimate chemo ready bag.

Comfort Scarf with Deep Front Pockets

This is a good choice for someone receiving treatment in an infusion center. It keeps your loved one's neck warm and, with two large pockets, hands warm too while providing enough room for a phone, keys and tissues. The cable knit is soft and pretty. 

KickIt Hospital Socks

Most hospitals require socks with traction on the bottom, so our KickIt socks are a great choice for those who are in the hospital. They also make a great gift for those recovering at home during chilly months as they are lined with fleece. Good to give by itself or in a gift basket. 

KickIt Kickback Masks

This is a great option to pair with our hospital pajamas after surgery or for those getting treatment in an infusion center, or recovering at home. This is a silky, comfortable mask that blocks light and allows your loved one to kickback. The mask comes in a pretty box so it's gift ready! This is the perfect sidekick to round out your care package.