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Hospital Gown with Snap Sleeves and Internal Pockets for Surgical Drains and Snap Sleeves for IVs and Chemo
call outs for snap sleeves, wrap design and pockets
Hospital Gown with Snap Sleeves and Internal Pockets for Surgical Drains and Snap Sleeves for IVs and Chemo
Snap hospital gown for cancer patients or patient gown anyone with a hospital stay. Great gifts for cancer patients
Internal and External Pockets for accessories or medical team access like IVs, chemo ports, picc lines and more. Also great for shoulder surgery recovery, rotator cuff, heart surgery, hip surgery and more
Snap hospital gowns fully open from collar through hand to allow for easy access to IVs, chemotherapy post, picc lines and antibiotics ivs
Surgical Drain Management Pockets
Hospital Gown with Snap Sleeves in Cornflower Blue

Hospital Gown with Snap Sleeves in Cornflower Blue

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KickIt's thoughtful and practical Cornflower Blue Hospital Gown with Snaps are made with a luxurious modal blend fabric and designed for comfort, beauty, convenience, and medical access with snap sleeves, a front wrap, and pockets for a phone and tissues. Our patient gowns are designed to be roomy for comfort. If a more tailored fit is desired consider sizing down.

Your KickIt Hospital Gown in Cornflower Blue will
  • Be made of soft, breathable and luxurious modal fabric that is not only moisture wicking, but also helps with temperature regulation and is eco-friendly
  • Have snap sleeves and a wrap style to allow access for medical care (ports, IV catheters and PICC lines) medical care and ease of changing during times of immobility. No pesky velcro or uncomfortable metal
  • Feature an elegant front wrap that  maintains modesty and warmth while still allowing easy access for your medical team and caregivers
  • Internal pockets for post-surgical drain management (no need for bulky mastectomy drain holders).  Don't need drain holders? With exterior access to the pockets as well, you can hold personal belongings like keys, phone, lip balm and more
  • Have a loose sleeve to maintain comfort for surgical incisions, medical equipment, or swelling from lymphedema
  • Be tag-less for skin sensitivities
  • Beautiful design with ruching and cropped sleeves/pants provides dignity and confidence for women undergoing cancer treatment when receiving guests and walking around the hospital for a little bit of exercise

Thoughtful Gifts for Women Battling Cancer

Putting together a care package for cancer patients but not sure what to include? Whether beginning chemotherapy or radiation or looking for post surgery gift ideas for cancer patients, KickIt Hospital Gowns are thoughtful and practical gifts for breast cancer patients and are the best pajamas for chemo patients – helping moms, sisters, grandmothers, family and friends who are going through a health challenge to Look Good and Feel Better.

Best for These Stages of Cancer Treatment & Recovery

  • Hospitalization - designed for dignity, comfort, style, and medical care while hospitalized
  • Recovery at Home - super soft fabric, front wrap design, loose neckline, and snap sleeve for comfort and care of PICCS and ports make this a great gown to wear at home

    Learn more about the Top Reasons that Hospital Gowns with Snap are Far Superior Than the Traditional Hospital Patient Gown.

    Also makes a great mastectomy robe, labor and delivery gown or long sleeve hospital gowns for elderly.

        GIFT BAG

        Our pajamas, gowns, and capes will arrive in a beautiful robin egg blue KickIt bag, making for an elegant presentation of your gift. The gift packaging serves another purpose - to carry personal items as well as recipient’s KickIt items to be laundered and brought back to the hospital or wherever your loved one is convalescing.


        Pajamas, Gowns, and Capes: Wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

        Scarf and Socks: Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

        Headband: Hand wash and lay flat to dry.


        While our pajamas and gowns are designed to fit multiple shapes and sizes, please refer to the size chart below. If you have any other specific sizing questions, email us at

        One size fits most for Socks, Headbands & Scarves.

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