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Why Are Treatment Centers Kept So Cold? ūü•∂

Chemotherapy treatment centers are cold

Hospitals keep the temperature low for a variety of reasons. Keeping the building temperature low can slow viral and infectious growth & reduce the likelihood of condensation increasing - making the floor wet, greasy and easy to slip on.  Cold temperature can also lead to numbness and, therefore, reduce patient pain caused by operation or injury.

Further, a hospital is one of the busiest places with staff members constantly moving. Doctors, nurses, and other staff are always on the move, so temperatures are typically kept low to keep them comfortable amid rising body temperatures. 

Chemotherapy Patients Feel More Cold?

Sometimes the cold temperatures inside a treatment center can be a stark contrast to the warm weather outside.

Several cancer therapies interfere with how the body regulates its temperature due to dehydration. This makes cancer patients more sensitive to cold. Some types of chemotherapy can damage nerves, other times, patients experience an extreme sensitivity to cold known as cold dysesthesia.

Unfortunately, unlike many of the other side-effects caused by chemotherapy, cold dysesthesia can't be suppressed by medication.

Tips for Those Feeling "Unseasonably Cold"

Prepare Ahead of Time

While we tend to dress in lighter items during the summer months, ensure you bring a blanket or cape and slipper socks with grip bottoms.

Take Shallow Breaths

When you take a deep, long breath you inhale a lot of air that can cool your body down rapidly. Whenever you're anywhere with cold air, take shallow breaths to minimize the possible pain.

Avoid Cold Food and Beverages