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AS SEEN IN REAL SIMPLE - October 20, 2022

KickIt Pajamas is proud to be listed in REAL SIMPLE's "25 Gift Ideas for a Sick or Injured Loved One" Check out our feature here:

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PRESS RELEASE | New Company Provides Comfort to Women Battling Cancer Focusing on the Gift Giver 

KickIt Pajamas designed for women, by women, with a portion of profits donated to cancer research and support groups

April 21, 2021 [Atlanta] – KickIt Pajamas launches a line of pajamas customized to enhance comfort for women undergoing cancer treatment. Designed by a cancer survivor and a caregiver, KickIt Pajamas improves the female cancer patient’s treatment experience and makes the medical staff’s job easier through thoughtfully designed pajamas, gowns, capes and accessories that can be worn while hospitalized, during treatment in infusion centers, and recovering at home. The company focuses on those who have loved ones going through cancer, answering the question “what do I get someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer?” KickIt Pajamas answers that question where few options exist.

More than one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. KickIt Pajamas designs, manufactures and sells stylish, functional and comfortable clothing for female cancer patients during their treatment and recovery journey.

KickIt Pajamas cofounder, Cindy Trice, came up with the idea after being gifted a pair of pajamas while in the hospital being treated for advanced cervical cancer. “As soon as I put on the pajamas, I felt ‘normal’ and my mood lifted. However, the pajamas lacked easy access for nurses and doctors to administer care,” she explained.

“Every detail of the product was designed through the eyes of the patient. What cancer patients are wearing in the hospital and in treatment centers does not live up to their needs. We wanted to make the clothing stylish in addition to being comfortable and functional. We want to stylishly dress cancer patients for their battle,” said Chief Design Officer, Anna Shuford.

According to cofounder Parmelee Miller, “we know gift options for loved ones diagnosed with cancer are limited. Flowers are beautiful but fleeting, and depending on the patient’s diagnosis and immune status, may not be acceptable. Food and lotions can be unpleasant to the patient. KickIt Pajamas are a thoughtful solution for those wanting to gift comfort and style to a loved one battling cancer.”

KickIt Pajamas sells its products exclusively online and a portion of KickIt Pajamas’ profits goes to cancer research and cancer support groups.

To learn more about KickIt Pajamas’ products and mission, visit